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Jane Sassaman art quilt

Jane Sassaman

Abstracting from Nature

Apr 30 - May 6, 2017

All Levels

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Jane A. Sassaman is a contemporary quilt artist, fabric designer, author and teacher whose critically acclaimed work inspires creative confidence in aspiring artists of all backgrounds. Her internationally known quilts are known for their bold designs, celebrating the energy and miraculous beauty of garden flowers and plants (and the occasional skeleton!).

Nature is an endless source of inspiration. In this workshop, you will examine a wide variety of artists interpretations of nature before beginning to manipulate natural forms yourselves. Through a series of exercises, Jane shows you her process for abstraction and exaggeration to capture the essence and energy of your favorite flora and achieve dramatic visual effects. You will then translate these ideas into fabric.

Drawing skills are not needed but you should have a strong interest in developing your own design language and unique visual symbols. This workshop is especially beneficial for the drawing impaired and the tragically literal!

Jane Sassaman art quilt
Jane Sassaman art quilt
Jane Sassaman, art quilter
Jane Sassaman art quilt