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Charlotte Warr Andersen quilt

Charlotte Warr Andersen

Pictorial Applique

October 21 - 27, 2012

All Levels

Starting from photos to we will make patterns for realistic appliqué figures and then work through the techniques needed to create them. Several small drawing and stitching exercises will help to understand how each process works. You may choose, animals, landscapes, flowers or, my favorite, portraits of people. The class elaborates on the techniques explained in my book, Faces & Places - Images in Appliqué and in its sequel, Focus on Features - Life-like Portrayals in Appliqué. (These books are out of print - if you have them you may want to bring them but they are not needed for the class.) It is an intricate and tricky study in appliqué and reverse appliqué, but mastery of the technique is well worth the extra effort.

Charlotte Warr Andersen is an avid and well-known quilter. A native Utahn, she was born in Salt Lake City and has lived there all her life. Many needle skills were learned from her mother but she considers most of her quilting skills to be self-taught or acquired by good observation.

Most known for her pictorial quilts, Charlotte has authored three books: Faces & Places – Images in Appliqué, Focus on Features – Life-like Portraits in Appliqué and One Line at a Time. Unfortunately, the first 2 books are both out-of-print. However, stitching a portrait is still her favorite pastime. One Line at a Time is currently available and features a unique approach to machine quilting. A sequel, One Line at a Time Encore, will be available in November 2011. Charlotte also enjoys making wearable art.

Charlotte enjoys traveling and teaching her stitching and quilting methods. Currently, she is involved with the International Quilt Association and has served 2 terms as its President.

Charlotte Warr Andersen