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Robbi Joy Eklow art quilt

Robbi Joy Eklow

Design Art Deco and Flower Wheels

November 9 - 12, 2013

3-Day Workshop

All Levels

Learn to design, draw, and fabricate complicated designs with radial symmetry using Robbi's system of wedged shaped repeating "blocks". Fusing is used to put the quilts together quickly in class, but designs can be adapted to hand or machine applique when you get home. Robbi has been exploring this design concept for several years and her resulting quilts have won many awards. This technique is much easier to do than the results imply!

There will be several breakout sessions offered, you can keep working, or stop and
listen/participate, as you desire.

Patterns (optional) will be available for purchase in class to get you started or to use as

Schedule (subject to change to fit flow of class):
Day 1 AM: Introduction, Discussion on design, composition, color.
Day 1 PM: Beginning the design and making templates
Day 2 AM:, Discussion of ways to fabric the design in cloth, then students continue to work.
Day 2 PM: Optional discussion towards the end of the afternoon regarding fabric dyeing, students continue to work.
Day 3 AM: Students continue to work.
Day 3 PM: Class evaluation of students work and suggestions for going forward to completion.

Robbi Joy Eklow writes a column for Quilting Arts magazine under the byline of “Goddess of the Last Minute”. She has also written “The Goddess of the Last Minute”, which is a collection of brand new essays about the life and times of a contemporary quilter. Her first book “Free Expression: The Art and Confessions of a contemporary quilter is her first book, covering HOW she makes her quilts. She lectures and teaches all over the US when she’s not at home making art quilts and avoiding housework.
She lives in Illinois with her husband Brian, her college sweetheart. They have two grown children, Josh and Samantha. Robbi has had several “one woman” exhibits for us, and has also won many
awards in our family of quilt shows.

Robbi Joy Eklow art quilt