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mixed media art quilt by Natalya Aikens

Natalya Aikens

Computer + Stitch = Art Quilt

March 22 - 28, 2015

5-Day Workshop

All Levels

Do you love photography? Do you wish you could meld your favorite photographs and your love of art quilting and mixed media? In this workshop Natalya will show you how to go from a snapshot to a finished art quilt or mixed media artwork. She will take you through the steps and give you options for creating your own artwork that begins with your photograph.

You will learn Natalya’s favorite techniques for manipulating your photographs in Photoshop and figure out the best way to achieve the results you want for your vision. Then print your imagery on a variety of substrates such as fabrics and recyclables and collage it together using a sewing machine and stitching by hand.

About Natalya:

Architecturally inspired, delicately stitched: that is the motto for Natalya's art. The core of her art is deeply rooted in her Russian heritage and the architectural imagery of St. Petersburg and New York City, coupled with the use of recycled materials such as paper, plastics, and vintage fabrics. Computer photo manipulation, and intense hand and machine stitching, and translucent effects are the techniques she favors.

On recycling – Natalya feels guilty and sad when she sees trash along the roads, reads about the great plastic garbage patch in our oceans and about plastic bags contaminating our recycling. By using the hard-to-recycle materials such as plastic bags, plastic mesh bags and papers in her art, she feels that in a tiny way she is helping the environment and raising awareness of the problem. She also loves vintage fabrics and use them liberally in her artwork.

recycled materials art quilt by Natalya Aikens Read our interview with Natalya Aiken on our workshops blog!
art quilt by Natalya Aikens