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Lenore Crawford fabric art

Lenore Crawford

Create Impressionistic Fabric Art

November 9 - 15, 2014

5-Day Workshop

All Levels

In this workshop the designing of a fused project from a student’s own photo will undertaken. 
We will work from a color photo that has been printed in a poster size up to 24” in one direction on their printer. The design will be drawn onto freezer paper to be used as the pattern and on muslin on which the design will be created. Students will learn Lenore’s fusing technique using the freezer paper pattern and Misty Fuse fusible web. Once the designs are fused Lenore will demonstrate her fabric painting technique and help students paint their own designs. The students can then assemble their art quilts and begin top-stitching if time allows. Thread and stitching also adds another design element to the piece. Finishing techniques will be discussed, and students will have a beautiful finished art quilt and have learned a practical and exciting new method to create fabric art.

In this five day workshop students will create their own designs from their own photos.  They can also use one of my patterns found at if they don’t have their own photos. Freezer paper patterns will be created with my simple technique and then the design will be fused onto muslin.  Fabric painting will be added to the finished design, and then the art quilt tops will be put together with a batting layer and backing.  Finally top-stitching will be added for additional depth and texture.  Supplies list will be provided. 

Day One: The first day I will introduce my technique to students, how I arrived at this style of fusing, talk about how to choose a design, what makes a good composition, what project they will be doing in class, and learn how to do my fusing technique. We will choose our fabrics and prepare for beginning the projects.

Day Two: We will begin working on the projects, prepare our patterns from students’ own photos or one of my most complex patterns, and design projects.

Day Three: Fusing will continue since it will take at least two days to fuse the whole project and possibly more. Blending fabrics by tone, color and texture will be discussed during the designing process. Finishing techniques will be discussed.

Day Four and Five: When the projects are completely fused, painting will be done on them. The fabric paints are used to add detail and shadows to create depth on the design. Types of fabric paints will be discussed and painting techniques will be covered. Projects will be finished with stitching and thread painting if desired. Thread is another element of the finished design. It adds texture and of course keeps the fused pieces permanently attached to the finished piece. Free motion sewing will be covered. My techniques for finishing an art quilt with my simple binding technique will also be discussed.

Supplies provided by me: $10 for fabric paints, freezer paper, parchment paper, two yards of fusible web, patterns are extra if students prefer to use mine at $10 apiece.

After working in a hospital lab and then chemical research for many years, Lenore Crawford wanted to pursue her passion for art as a full-time endeavor. She has worked in many different media including pen and ink, acrylics, wood, and others and became intrigued with fabric. She has developed her own fiber art style and technique and calls it “Impressionistic Fabric Blending” using 2” squares of hundreds of different fabrics cut randomly and assembled to create a sort of fabric “painting”. Currently she is using fusing and fabric paints to create her fiber art. She has been lecturing on and teaching the fusing technique she developed to quilt guilds, private students, and quilt shows nationally and internationally. She has won numerous prizes for her work at art shows and quilt shows across the country. Her technique has been published in the Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine and American Quilter Magazine, and her electronic book called “Impressionistic Fabric Blending – Create Your Own Art Quilt” has been well received. She was also featured on Kaye Wood’s Quilting Friends PBS program in Episode #1607. A native Midlander, Lenore loves to travel to France to visit with friends and hike in the mountains with her children and husband.

Lenore Crawford fabric art
Lenore Crawford fabric art