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Esterita Austin

Esterita Austin

Still Life in Fabric

July 10 - 12, 2011

2-Day Workshop

All Levels

In this 2 day interactive still life class Teri will teach you how to design your own composition from a choice of objects in different size and ratio patterns. The choice of the scale and the arrangement of each object is up to you.  Size, scale and perspective will create; foreground, middle ground, and background. We will work from a photograph that indicates light source on the objects to give a guideline for value choices. The object of the class is to create depth and form on the quilt surface. We will then introduce textile paint to further enhance the dimension and make the quilt visually “POP”.  This is a fusing class, no sewing machine required.

Combine this class with Teri's following class, Portraiture with a Twist, to complete a larger piece in 5 class days - and have fun with 2 wine and cheese receptions, one for each class!

Esterita Austin

Portraiture with a Twist!

July 12 - 15, 2011

3-Day Workshop

All Levels

This is a class that beginners as well as advanced students can find their own comfort zone. You will be taken, step-by-step, through a very orderly yet creative method of creating expressive portraiture.

Rembrandt, La Tour,  and Carravagio all incorporated the technique of using a light source from a single direction to create drama and mystery in their imagery.  Using age old compositional techniques you will create modern day portraits using light and dark as our tool of intrigue.

You may use one of my patterns or you may start from your own photograph. 

Taking Your Own Photograph      

Choose a single portrait, a self portrait is suggested. Please avoid pictures of babies and animals. I recommend keeping it simple. For example, set up your model in a room either near a window with a direct light source or in a room with a single light source directed on the subject. Make sure your subject is not in the distance but close up in the viewfinder of your camera. If you would like still life objects in your composition and/or a room or out door setting that’s fine.  Simplicity is often more effective than too much detail, although detail can always be eliminated if necessary.  If photographing outside it is preferable to photograph toward the latter part of the day or evening when one can get decent shadows in the room (or outside) Keep in mind that you are trying to highlight one side of the subject and keep the other side in the shadow. This creates strong high lights and dark shadows.  Do not use overhead lighting and please don’t use a flash on your camera. Whether your light source is from below/ side or under, one direction light is the key.   You may choose just to keep a single portrait and not include any other objects, but keep your options open to be able to include more in the composition if time allows. You can always simplify later. If you are photographing outside, again, I find that the end of the day, when the suns rays are low and create strong highlights and long deep shadows, creates drama in a piece. 

Once you choose your photograph we will make a pattern in class either with opaque or overhead projector.     Please bring in, 1- 8x 10 black and white, 1- 8x 10 color, and 1- 11 x 17 color copy  please bring your images on a CD as well

After your piece is assembled you will be taught how to paint on the quilt surface with textile paints to completely enhance the depth, add detail to accentuate your image. No previous painting experience is necessary. This is a fusing class, no sewing machine is required.