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Esterita Austin Portraiture

Esterita Austin


August 10 - 16, 2014

All Levels

Create a dramatic, expressionistic portrait in a few easy steps. We'll be borrowing from the Renaissance painters who knew how to use a single, directional light source to give the illusion of depth and mystery in their imagery. By using Esterita's innovative fusing technique in a simple step-by-step order you can create a likeness that will surprise and delight your subject while you learn the true meaning of value.

The focus in this class is on creating dramatic, expressionistic portraiture and still life. Rembrandt, La Tour, Caravaggio, all incorporated the technique of using a single, directional light source to create depth and drama in their imagery. Using traditional compositional elements further enhanced by textile paints you will create an expressive portrait juxtaposing light and dark as your tools of intrigue

Esterita Austin
A student's work from a previous workshop